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Various Apostolates of CSSE

Various Apostolates of CSSE

Our communion with Jesus our Guru and communion with the sisters in the community, nourish, enrich and empower us to live our call and consecration in the Elisabethan Family miore radically through our various apostolate and activities.

Enrichment of Families
Modernization, especially explosion of Media has affected the families. As a result there is an increased number of broken families, broken relationships and erosion of spiritual values. Our communities in ALUVA, KOTTOR, VELLARIKUNDU and KANCHAL makes regular visits to families, listen to them and prays with them. Trough prayer, counseling and regular family visits, many families are helped to build better relationships.
Education is one of the major ministry by which we enter into families. Through educational ministry we not only impart knowledge but also we help them to free themselvesfrom the shadows of inferiority and insecurity to face all the odds of life and help them to live a value based life.

Vandana Convent English medium school at Guna with the vision "building the people of God through the formation of enlightened and responsible citizens of God" is an abode of wisdom for more than 3438 children.
Eight sisters and 95 teaching an 25 non-teaching staff is involved in this noble cause.

Value Education, special coaching for the weaker children, sminar for the parents, family visits, counseling etc. are the other activities taken up besides teaching.

Vandana Convent has a well equipped counseling center known as "Wellness Center" under the able leadership of Sr. Emmanuel. Many students and parents are helped to settle their personals and family problems, very specially to mend the relationship between children and parents and vice versa.

Vandana Convent School is giving free education to 65 students and 35 students are given concession (half fee).
Guna school alone is spending almost 10 lakhs to give free education to the deserving students. This amount is going to be increased considerably every year as RTE is in effective.

St. Elisabeth English Medium School at Vellarikund is a source of empowerment for over 428 children from K.G.I to Standard VI. There are 19 teaching and 3 non-teaching staff.
Students given special attention to improve their language skill and creativity. Many competitions are conducted to bring the hidden talents of the children.
Family visits, pastoral activities and family prayers are the other activities besides teaching.
Five students are given concession

Vandana Hindi Medium School Ambikapur is a blessing for 997 Tribal and non tribal children. 5 Sisters, 22 teachers and 4 non-teaching staff are relentlessly working to integrate these tribal children with the wider society.
Value education and character formation adds flavour to the teaching ministry.
27 students are given free education.

St. Elisabeth English Medium School at Patharmundalla gives quality education to 303 poor children. 6 Sisters, 6 teachers and 4 non-teaching staff is devoted in this noble cause. Within three years time we can see a lot of change in the attitude of the villagers. They are now becoming more and more aware of the value of education. The school has already won the hearts of the children and the villagers an we hope this school will grow to be a blessing to thousands.
12 students are given free education.

St. Elisabeth Kindergarten at Kanchal.
3 Sisters are engaged in inculcating good values and laying good foundation of education to 21 children from Nursery to KG.II

In Jaisinagar sisters give special coaching to the school going children making them competent to face life.

In Mothkur, Petlawad, Jamli Sisters are working in diocesan schools and at Poornodaya, sisters are working with CMI fathers imparting knowledge and making them responsible citizens of tomorrow.

800 children in Mothkur, 758 cildren in Petlawad, 165 children in Jamli, 15 in Poornodaya are empowered through Elizabethan presence.

Through the Hostels, in different places we aim at the Integral development and wholesome growth of the poor children.

So we strive:

- To facilitate physical and psychological growth
- To inculcate human and ethical values and
- To enhance skills.

AMBIKAPUR HOSTEL is constructed and owned by us and 214 children are given hostel facilities to enhance their integral growth.

Hostel at JAISINAGAR belongs to the Sagar diocese and managed by the sisters. Hostel facility is given to 96 children who belong to Scheduled cast and Scheduled tribes. Out of 96 students 56 girls are directly under our guidance.
With the clear focus of empowering the Dalit children, special tuition, value education, computer education and moral class are given prime importance.

SACRED HEART HOSTEL at MOTHKUR is owned by Nalgonda diocese. 175 poor children are taken care by the sisters.

HOSTEL at JAMLI belongs to the diocese of Jhabua. 165 Bhil children are given hostel facilities out of which 100 girls are directly under the care of sisters.

Indian Province is grateful the General administration for giving opportunities to the sisters of the Indian Province to work in Germany. At present Six sisters are working for the Indian Province in Germany, out of six, five are nurses and one is helping in the office of the generalate.


Through Sneha Nivas at Aluva, we stive

- To offer hope for the girls whose parents are in prison
- To integrate them with the society through integral development.
- To help them to resolve their personal problems.
- To give spiritual Empowerment and quality education

Two of our Sneha Nivas children after completing the Nursery training course is teaching in Guna and one is working in the office. Three of the students who completed their studies continue their studies staying with their parents. At Present there are 6 children in Sneha Nivas.

Girls Home at Kottoor

The girls Home at Kottoor is started in the year 2006 June in order to give quality education to the girls who are good in studies and whose parents are unabele to educate them because of the financial problems or family problems. At present there are 19 girls and most of them are from broken families or single parent.


One of the major decisions of the third Provincial chapter was to enter into frontier mission. CHETANA is in response to this dream of the chapter, started in July 2009 in response to the alarming situation of People Living with HIV/AIDS (PLHA) in India, particularly in Guna (M.P.) CHETANA provides comprehensive Home Based Care and services to PLWHA and their families. Medical care, nutrition, counseling, help for education and income generating activities, mutual support, networking, advocay and legal other activities undertaken.

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