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The God of Love
bearing in themselves,
to serve selflessly

The "Sisterhood of St. Elizabeth was founded in Freiburg at Christmas 1925.
The founder, Mathilde Otto, had brought together eight women to establish the community. As a spiritual advisor and companion the Dompräbendar Oechsler Joseph (1885-1975) take the deciding factor.

The history of the foundation is associated with the life story of our founder Mother Mathilde. She was born on 12.18.1875 in the upper pond Oberweiher near Friesenheim as daughter of a wealthy industrialist family. Grown in a natural religious education, she became a personality shaped by faith. She received an appropriate education to the parents that resulted in private study at the higher teachers exam.

Since 1910 she lived in Freiburg, was hearing economics lectures and discovered her calling to social charity activities.
They led in the Freiburg "Elisabeth Association", she took chaired 1912th. Six years later she became general secretary of Elisabeth German clubs. Full-time she worked as a consultant for home care of the poor and Family Welfare at the German Caritas Association.

She also became involved in local politics as a councilor of the city of Freiburg, 1919, she moved as a parliamentarian in the National Assembly of Baden.

Concern for the family, the mother and children, sick, poor and old people, adapted to the needs of time and place, she discovered that her intended field of work.

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Exactly where she called God's will, she was deep convinced. The City and parish supported her project. She could hire women as domestic nurses in emergency to replace the sick and in need of relaxation mothers.
The nurses grew slowly together to a community. In the house of Mathilde Otto they met to exchange and get professional training. Dompräbendar Oechsler took care of the spiritual instruction.

A "sisterhood for home and family care" should represent the work begun on a reasonable basis and give the dedicated women spiritual home.

In the course of 1925, the House Dreisam Straße 15 can be acquired. At Christmas 1925, the founding act was consummated. As a patron, the sisters chose St. Elizabeth of Thuringia, who was worshiped as a saint and the Sisters of Charity, in large part coming from the Elizabeth Club, was familiar. The biblical vision was (Maria goes to her cousin Elizabeth) in Lk 1, 39-45 found - a model for the selfless service to mother and child.

The sisterhood was in recognition, young women came,
to share life and work with her.

Our Motherhouse in Freiburg - Germany

Our founder led the community in the development phase with a strong hand, but was already severe illness, she Died on 20August 1933. Mother Mathilde was a motherly woman, full of dedication and willingness to serve. Their objective was to serve the people and to help.
In the following years, the number of sisters. Went hand in hand to extend the working field in new stations and activities: pastoral ministry in parishes, led by kindergarten, outpatient medical and elderly care, social work in charity organizations. Family Care remained the focus.

In 1962 we took young women from the southern Indian state of Kerala in our community that have been introduced in the religious life and were given vocational training. Some Indian sisters stayed here, others returned to their homeland, there to live as sisters Elizabeth and act. In India the way they lead the Mother Mathilde started from their Freiburger sisters decades further supported service continues alive by working in school-based educational field, in professional education, pastoral services, family assistance, family counseling and social welfare. Brave and believing they have the work of Mathilde Otto India opened in the far future.

In 1974 we started in India to establish a sister community. As an objective of our congregation in India, we see the rights of women to strengthen, promote the development of children and to support families, especially from the disadvantaged population groups.

Today in India there are 14 offices of the Sisters of St. Elizabeth in the states of Madhya Pradesh, Kerala, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Chattisgarh, are dedicated to establishing order in accordance with the charitable social functions:

In kindergartens,
boarding schools for girls from failed families
in care of the prisoners,
in catechesis and family apostolate.

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